'Amazing 32 hours at Bitcoin Cash blockchain hackathon in Amsterdam'

Our team ‘Beetle’ build a decentralized application called ‘RefTrust’ on top of Bitcoin Cash using Bitbox. RefTrust helps employees keep a record of the recommendations they received simply by sending a request to their employer with their public keys. Wormhole project: Wormhole protocol is created from a fork of the Omni Layer with the purpose of tokenization using OP_Return transactions and making it smart contract compatible without the need to change the consensus protocol. I learned a lot, made new friends and it was amazing to meet enthusiastic developers, entrepreneurs from USA, UK, Australia and many more countries. I truly believe they will play their part to make the world a better place using the blockchain technology and building cool decentralized projects. It was great to talk to the judges, asked a lot of questions and received useful tips. I can’t wait to attend my next hackathon! Are you ambitious and do you eat & sleep code? Let’s connect and build a team for the next hackathon.

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