Let’s Help Charity

“There is no exercise better for the heart than lifting people up and we rise by lifting others”

On the 28th of January I was busy working on my thesis at the municipality of The Hague, when I found a message about Rudi Lubbers on Facebook. Rudi is the only Dutchman, who stood in the boxing ring with Muhammed Ali. This article mentioned how the total picture of Rudi’s life was changed and how he, a successful boxer turned into someone, who had to live a life in poverty on the streets. This really hit me and at that moment I decided that I wanted to make a contribution for Rudi. Since it was not possible at that moment to donate money to help Rudi, I decided to make a video about Rudi’s situation and to start a crowdfunding, with the aim to provide a camper for Rudi. To my surprise the target amount of €10.000,00 was achieved in a few days; there was €10.338,00 raised out of 459 donations. I personally ensured that the amount of money reached Rudi. In the meantime, Rudi came back to the Netherlands, after that I was invited by the Dutch TV program: “De wereld draait door.”

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